01. Every year, Americans [dispose] of 1.6 billion pens.
02. Until the 1950s, Tibetans [disposed] of their dead by taking the body up a hill, chopping it into little pieces, and feeding the remains to the birds.
03. Nuclear power plants produce a lot of dangerous waste that they continually need to [dispose] of.
04. We didn't use [disposable] diapers for our babies; we used washable cotton diapers instead.
05. I forgot my camera when I went on holiday, so I bought a [disposable] one.
06. No one brought any utensils to the class picnic, so I bought a package of [disposable] cutlery.
07. Before we moved, we [disposed] of a bunch of junk that had been lying around the basement for years.
08. The ink cartridge for this computer printer is supposedly [disposable], but you can save money simply by refilling it.
09. In the developed nations, the average person has almost two rooms at his [disposal], whereas in the developing nations, the average person must share a room with two others.
10. Too many products come in [disposable] packaging; it's so wasteful!
11. A study done a few years ago discovered that women's [disposable] razors are more expensive than men's, even though the only difference is color.
12. In his play, "The Price," Arthur Miller wrote, "The car, the furniture, the wife, the children - everything has to be [disposable]. Because you see, the main thing today is shopping."
13. The major environmental issue in Fiji is how to [dispose] of waste materials in a responsible manner.
14. When hiking in the wilderness, it is important to properly [dispose] of anything you can't pack out.
15. Improper [disposal] of industrial waste is a serious environmental problem.
16. The hospital is responsible for the [disposal] of unneeded blood products.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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